Specialized Services

  • Hydroseeding with grass seed mix
  • Hydroseeding with grass and tree seed mix
  • Hydroseeding with shrub seed mix

About the Service

  1. Hydroseeding is the process of spraying specially mixed slurry comprising of water, seed, mulch, fertilizer plus binder in just one operation and can be carried out throughout the year
  2. It is also used to spread mixtures of wildflower and tree/shrub seeds or turf grasses for erosion control
  3. Hydroseeding specialists, we operate throughout Hong Kong with nearly 10 years of experience in hydroseeding, we have been involved on contracts ranging from road to land reclamation and major civil engineering projects
  4. In 2009, we have been included in the Specialist List under Group I of Class I (Hydroseeding) of the ‘Landscaping’ category
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