Technical Data

Product Code GEM-M12
Product Description M12
(Material) Stainless steel bolts & nuts A4-80
(Material) Washer Stainless Stell
Overall Length (L) 110 mm
Washer Diameter 24 mm
Thread Diameter 24 mm
Mean Ultimate Pullout Strength >= 31kN
Mean Ultimate Shear Strength >= 47kN
Design Pullout Strength (FOS of 1.4) 22 kN
Design Shear Strength (FOS of 1.4) 33 kN

(The above data bases on the anchor bolts in concrete of grade 30+/-3 MPa and a tightening torque of 50 Nm)

About the Product

A high performance steel anchor system for fixing Greenland Erosion Control Mat and Wire Mesh on the soil nail head


  • High quality stainless steel bolts
  • Bolts & nuts made with stainless steel
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High pullout strength and high shear strength
  • Improved pitting & service corrosion resistant properties with Grade 316 washer, especially in environments containing chlorides